Antenna Simulation and Optimization

Modeling of Patch Antennas

Microstrip patch antennas are among the most common antenna types in use today, particularly in the popular frequency range of 1 to 6 GHz. Examples of Patch Antenna modeling within EMC Studio are presented.

Radiation from TWP to Monopole Antenna

Radiation from TWP to monopole antenna is considered. Simulations are compared with measurements. Find the full article in the pdf-file.

Radiation from TWP Cable to Planar Glass Antenna

Simulation of interaction between cable system and antenna requires accurate modeling of each component of the system. Radiation from TWP to planar glass antenna is considered. Simulations are compared with measurements

Fractal Antennas Simulation

The triangular shaped fractal, Sierpinski gasket monopole antenna is considered. Structure of this antenna is intended to be used for four discrete frequency bands. Simulated resonance frequencies of the Sierpinski gasket monopole antenna are compared with analytical solution.