Modeling of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Modeling of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Electrostatic discharge, caused by charge accumulation on the object surface, may upset the normal operation of an electronic system, causing equipment malfunction or failure. Simulation of ESD test according to IEC standard is performed and compared with measurement data.

Construction of Equivalent Circuit Model for Capacitive Voltage Probe

Capacitive Voltage Probe (CVP) is a measurement device for electromagnetic disturbances around multi-wired cables. Construction of equivalent circuit model for the test setup and comparison with fullwave MoM results is performed.

Simulations with Anechoic Chamber

Simulations with Anechoic Chamber Absorbing properties of inner covering of anechoic chamber are poor at frequencies below 30 MHz. This fact makes neglecting of walls in computational model incorrect. Construction of computational model of anechoic chamber at low frequencies and analysis of field structure is performed.

Modeling of Electronic Devices using Near Field Sources

Construction of complicated simulation model can be simplified by representation of radiating parts of the system as a closed field surfaces surrounding them. Voltage coupled from the ECU in the car represented as Near Field Source is calculated and compared with results of fullwave MoM solution.

Signal Integrity in CAN

The advantage of Hybrid Analysis Type is possibility to investigate system with complicated non-linear devices. The example of such system is Controller Area Network (CAN). Currents and voltages are calculated in time domain for CAN system transceiver and receiver

Accurate Absorber Modeling

Anechoic chamber performance can be significantly improved if microwave absorbers with optimized characteristics will be installed over the entire inner surface of shielded room. The selection criteria for absorbers may include the attenuation levels for normal and oblique incident angles, operating frequency, bandwidth, type of bulk materials, size, shape, weight and etc. Analysis of Pyramidal absorber attenuation properties are performed using fullwave MoM three-dimensional model.