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EMCoS Studio 2018.2 Beta Announcement

  • 날짜
    2018-07-31 12:27:05
  • 조회수

We are glad to present the beta version of EMCoS Studio 2018.2. Below you can see all the major pre-release highlights, download the beta version and try it out.

Major Highlights
  • New Features in Filter Components Library
  • Via Shape Definition on PCB Data Import
  • Automatic Geometry Partitioning by Pins Position
  • New Features in System Simulation Analysis Type
  • AFS Support in Multi Port Calculations
  • 64-bit Version of ReMesh
  • New Features in EMCoS SimDAT
  • Extension of EMScript with New Functions and Features
  • Other Improvements

New Features in Filter Components Library

This new version provides updated Filter Components Library with improved GUI and hundreds of ready-to-simulate built-in models (capacitors, cores, inductors) based on OEM datasheets and measurements of actual components.

  • Support of new models in Filter Components Library
  • Smart filtering functionality
  • Importing/exporting of library content
  • Loading filter components as circuit elements

         View short demo video


Via Shape Definition on PCB Data Import

New version of the program supports definition of the via shape (Circle/Octagon/Hexagon/Square) on PCB data import from Stackup Editor. Possibility to change the shape of the vias allows to significantly reduce the number of triangles in final calculation model for PCB.

         View short demo video


New Features in System Simulation Analysis Type

  • Importing/exporting of complete system diagram
  • Automatic assignment of external circuit to device pins
  • Mirroring of schematic devices in System Diagram
  • TSReady support in time domain (TD) for linear elements
  • Support of different types of V, I sources in TSReady
  • Support of separate definition of Voltage and Current Probes
  • Usability improvements in System Diagram and Schematic

New Features in EMCoS SimDAT

  • Expansion of 2D far field tool with Azimuth/Elevation CS
  • Handling of 3D currents visualization on thin dielectrics
  • Per-property transparency handling for mesh objects
  • Undo/Redo commands and History List support

Extension of EMScript with New Functions and Features

  • Syntax highlighting in Script Editor
  • New functions support (fclose, feof, ferror, fgetl, fgets, fopen, fprintf, fscanf, fwrite, csvread, fileread, readTouchstone, s2z, z2s, s2y, y2s, z2y, y2z, integral, diff, reshape, isinf, char, isletter, strfind, strtrim, cell, conj, ctranspose, norm, strsplit, sprintf, textscan, sscanf, strrep, replace, actxserver, getall, clock, datetime, loadinput, loadoutput, open, stop, run)
  • Report generation possibilities in MS Word and MS Excel

Other Improvements
  • AFS support in Multi Port calculations
  • Geometry processing acceleration in TriD
  • Added support for CATIA V5-6R2018 geometry file formats
  • Import PCB data from ODB++ using drag-and-drop
  • Export of Near Field Probes to data file
  • Possibility to export Far Field Pattern data in Multi Excitation calculations for each excitation set
  • More convenient definition of Near Field Grid parameters
  • Possibility to use special approximation to decrease computational time for modeling of Finite Dielectric Substrates
  • Possibility to switch on/off batch files generation for computational task
  • Possibility to handle default calculation priority for solver execution
  • Usability improvements in Transfer Impedance 2D Plot Viewer
  • Copy image to clipboard from Viewer 3D