CAD Interface

Standard CAD Formats Processing

Complex shaped models created by CAD software can be imported into EMC Studio. EMC Studio supports the following CAD data file formats:

  • SAT (*.sat) - ACIS geometry solid model files
  • IGES (*.igs) - Industry standard Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) files
  • STEP (*.stp, *.step) - Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP) files
  • CATIA V4 (*.model) - CATIA V4 files
  • CATIA V5 (*.CATPart) - CATIA V5 files
Advanced CAD and Meshing Functions
  • Boolean operations (union, intersect, subtract) for complex models creation
  • Transformation operations (translate, rotate, mirror) on CAD models
  • Multiple transformation operations
  • Removal of faces in complex models
  • Assignment of different meshing size to edges and faces
  • Meshing of CAD model considering meshing sizes
  • ReMesh functionality
PCB Data Processing

Complex PCB data can be imported into EMC Studio using EMCoS PCB VLab as ODB++ file. This approach is intended to include PCB topological information into the whole simulation model with car body, antenna and harnessing consideration.