Discrete Model


Mesh objects can be defined in EMC Studio in one of the following ways:

  • Imported from NAS, ASCII STL and IGES file formats
  • Obtaining by meshing of CAD models created or imported from IGES, CATIA, SAT and etc. formats
  • Simple primitives can be created directly in EMC Studio (3-point surface, 4-point surface, sphere and cylinder)
Wire Segments and Wire Structures Modeling

Wire Segments are used for representation of wire or antenna structures with electrical parameters. Different type of wire segments can be modeled in EMC Studio:

  • Wire segments without insulation coating
  • Wire segments with insulation coating
  • Wire segments with dielectric substrate properties
  • Dielectric properties of wire segment (permittivity; permeability; dielectric loss factor and magnetic loss factor) can be specified either with constant or frequency dependent parameters
Mesh Editing Tools

EMC Studio provides powerful tools for advanced meshing functionality and meshes visualization modes:

  • Triangles Selection Tools
  • Remesh Triangles Tools
  • Triangle Properties Handling
  • Invert Triangles Direction
  • Check Intersection between Triangles
  • Show/Hide Triangles by Properties
  • Smooth Mesh
  • Create Triangles
  • Create New Mesh based on Selected Triangles
  • Cure Triangles
  • Delete Triangles
  • Color Mode and Direction Toolbar