Design Environment

EMCoS PCB VLab design environment allows easy interaction with any object of the PCB model. The visualization engine allows direct interaction between all program modules.


Layers and Nets Panels

Layers and Nets Panels visualize detailed list of all layers, nets and features loaded from the PCB model. Filtering and sorting functions are supported.

Properties Editor

Properties Editor allows to view and edit properties of the PCB objects (layers, nets and features).

History Panel

EMCoS PCB VLab stores and displays all operations performed on a project as states in History Panel. These states can be chosen at any time to revert project to the selected restore point.

3D Viewer

A very powerful Viewer 3D supports visualization of any object of loaded PCB data. Comfortable functions for zooming, rotating, and moving make the evaluation of PCB topology very easy.

  • Powerful and fast tools for PCB data manipulation in 3D
  • Provides an interactive view of an entire or selective section of structure
  • Each individual layer is visualized in a separate Viewer 3D
  • Provides advanced selection tools for features, nets and layers
  • Convenient Ruler tool to measure distance between two points on PCB objects