EMCoS PCB VirtualLab

EMCoS PCB VLab is a powerful software package for pre-processing and analysis of complex printed circuit board systems. It includes different tool-sets for visualization and allows comfortable data processing.

RapidRLC solver included into EMCoS PCB VLab environment provides parasitic RLC extraction and generation of equivalent circuit for analysis of parasitic effects on PCB. Generated parasitic circuit can be used further in EMC Studio system simulation analysis.

EMCoS PCB VLab supports MTL core solver that performs post-layout Signal Integrity analysis and estimation of Radiated Emission.

Along with standalone parasitic extraction EMCoS PCB VLab supports data exchange with EMC Studio for integration into full simulation process. Program gives an opportunity to assign material parameters (physical surfaces and dielectric substrate properties) directly to PCB traces or regions for further simulation in EMC Studio.

Ideology of EMCoS PCB VLab is very easy to understand and at the same time flexible enough to ensure scalability.

Main Features of EMCoS PCB VLab
  • RLC Parasitic Extraction Solution
  • 3D Full-wave PCB Analysis (Electromagnetic and Circuit)
  • Signal Integrity and Radiation Emission Analysis
  • Import Filters for Popular EDA PCB Formats
  • Real-time PCB 3D Visualization
  • Full Integration to EMCoS Products Family